3 NFL Players to Keep a Look on If You’re a Serious Bettor

If you have a little knowledge about the world of sports betting, then you should know about how much a player influences a match. There are many cases where a single player can determine the result of a game just by looking at the odds.

That’s why when you are betting, you should be aware of the enormous difference that a player can make. With so many talented players getting into the big leagues and teams of the NFL, is more important than ever to pay serious attention to the MVP players of each team, as well as the prominent new players that get a lot of recognition from coaches.

Here we’re going to give a closer look at what we think are great NFL players that can truly affect the odds, so you can take them into consideration the next time you are betting.

Nick Bosa

We start our list with a player from Ohio that can be a future addition to the Arizona Cardinals. Nick Bosa is an outstanding player that has shown a lot of potentials lately with his performance, showing a remarkable defense and formidable handling off the football that is the perfect addition for long passes.

However, Nick Bosa isn’t the only member of his family that practices football, since his brother Joey is also a great player that has been a sensation for the scouts, but recent reports are changing and now think that Nick could be even better than his brother.

Ed Oliver

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With the Atlanta Falcons being on a streak of winnings, they have become the fan favorite for this season, and there’s a reason why. Ed Oliver is an outstanding player that has drawn a lot of attention since his debut 3 years ago for the Cougars, so much that he was considered by many fans as the MVP of the Cougars for a while.

Ed is a great runner that can leave behind any player from the opposing team on top of being great on landing passes, making it a great replacement for the Atlanta Falcons since they don’t quite have too many picks in their main team, making the Falcons a formidable team and a dangerous option if you aren’t betting for them to win.

Greedy Williams

post1 3 - 3 NFL Players to Keep a Look on If You're a Serious Bettor
With the Buffalo Bills in a need for a newer offensive prospect, Greedy is one of the best cornerbacks available in the zone. Greedy is incredible good with interceptions and has a considerable number of pass breakups, keeping in mind that this is only in his years with the Tigers.

While the Buffalo Bills have already a great cornerback, the inclusion of another one with the caliber of Greedy Williams can truly make their strategies better, not to mention that will add to the offensiveness that they are currently looking for as well as the versatility of Greedy, which can only mean a higher chance for victory.

Keeping an eye to the biggest players and the recent changes for a team is a fundamental practice if you want to win your bets, and with NFL isn’t different. So keep your eyes up with these players and their teams.

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