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Most points scored in a NFL game

Most points scored in a NFL game

It is a day that no true NFL fan will forget – November 27th, 1966 (The day an NFL team scored over 40 points, and still lost by over 30). It was a cold 42 degree November day, in Washington DC, in a packed D.C. stadium, the hometown fans were ready to cheer for their beloved Redskins – Little did they know that they would be witnessing history, on that cold Fall day. The Redskins entered the game with a record of 5-6, while their opponent’s, the beloved New York Giants, was suffering one of their worst records ever, with an entering record of 1-8-1.

First Quarter

The opening quarter was a slow preview of what the New York football Giants were to witness that entire day – Dominance! The Washington Redskins opened the game with a touchdown pass to number 25, A.D. Whitfield, who would go on to score 3 touchdowns that day. The Redskins put up 13 points this quarter, while leaving the New York Giants, with a bubble, at zero.

Second Quarter

The second quarter was a little bit more friendly to The Giants on their end of the scoring but was even worse for them watching The Redskins. The New York Giants put up 14 points in the second quarter while giving up a few more touchdowns to The Redskins, who put up another 21 points against The Giants.

Half Time

At the half, the scoreboard showed, what today would be viewed as the likes of an NFL final score with The Redskins 34 points, and The Giants 14. Not completely satisfied with the outcome in the first half, The Redskins would go on to do “a whole lot more damage” to the New York football Giants.

Third Quarter

The second half started pretty much how the first half left off, “with The Redskins putting up points,” but to The Giants credit, this was their best quarter, as they were able to hold The Redskins to 14 points, while putting up 14 of their own. At the end of the third quarter, The Redskins sat at a score of 48, while looking at The Giants scoreboard of 28 points.

Fourth Quarter

This final quarter had The Redskins showing no mercy. While the New York Giants put up another 13 points, The Redskins went on to have their best quarter of the game, with 24 points. Looking up at the final scoreboard, Redskins fans witnessed a scoreboard of 72 – 41, next to a message that read “most points ever scored in any regular NFL game.” Into the NFL record books, and “Genius Book Of World Records,” with a total score of 113 points – The most points scored in a NFL game.

The Stats of November 27th, 1966: Washinghton Redskins vs. New York Giants

The Redskins dominated on first downs, with 24, compared to The Giants 16. “Surprisingly,” The Giants had more total yards than The Redskins, with 389 total yards, compared to The Redskins 341. The Redskins dominated “in every” category of the game, scoring on offense, defense, and special teams, with a kick return touchdown. This was truly a spectacular game to witness.

Previous Record

The previous record, for the most points scored in a NFL game, was from 1963. The “record- breaking game that year was from a game between The Houston Oilers (Today, The Tennesse Titans) and The Oakland Raiders. In that game, The Raiders put up 53 points, compared to The Oilers 49. Just as on November 27th, 1966, on that December 22nd, 1963, fans were shocked by the final score.

4 NFL Teams Worth Betting on with Great Chance of Winning This Weekend

post3 feat - 4 NFL Teams Worth Betting on with Great Chance of Winning This Weekend

The NFL is the most important football league, the most watched in the world, and the Super Bowl is even one of the most expected events by fans. But currently, only 4 teams are disputing which will be the ones that will compete in that great and long awaited final.

They have given everything during the season and will continue fighting until they reach their final goal, which is to win. In order to place informed bets, it is best to know which teams to keep an eye on. Here we share the four teams you can definitely consider betting on in the future.

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

post4 1 - 4 NFL Teams Worth Betting on with Great Chance of Winning This Weekend
Many have hope in Drew Brees, people predict that the Saints come to annihilate their opponents in the next game to reach the final.

They have had a great development, that is why they are feared and we should not take anything for granted. Great betting opportunity!

Although, the Rams have also had a good season, they even surprised many and have obtained the best scores. So, fans will have an eye on this match.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots have one of the best players in the sport, Tom Brady, so anything could happen. Even though, they have not had a strong season like others, they have struggled a lot to get here and they totally deserve it.  This might boost the betting odds.

On the other hand, the Chiefs have a great defense, it has improved over time. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, are expected to score and excel in the game.

No doubt, now we are approaching the grand finale, betting houses are revolutionized with the variety of bets that can be made. These teams are, definitely, the best, so keep an eye on them. Now that you know which teams are performing well you’ll be able to place an informed bet.

How does NFL draft work

How does NFL draft work

Every professional sport is different, whether the sport uses a ball – Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf – or whether it uses a puck – Hockey. They each have different styles and intricacies. What makes a fan love one sport, may make the same fan hate another. But there is one area, where every professional sport is similar, where sports fans, teams, and organizations get to feel the same joy, or disappointment – The draft. The drafts are where sports fans, teams, and organizations hopes are born or shattered. But there is one sport who’s draft stands out just a little bit more than the rest, that garnishes just a little bit more attention – The NFL Draft. Let’s take a further look at how does NFL draft work.


There are 32 NFL teams in the league, and how each team performs one season (including all of the postseason play), plays a significant role in what their draft positions will be at the next NFL draft. If a team wins the Superbowl in one season, at the next NFL draft, they will receive the last pick in each round, while the team with the worst record of the previous season, will receive the best pick in each round (The first picks). If there are 2 teams that are tied for the worst record, then on draft day, there will be a coin toss to determine which of those 2 teams will choose first, and which chooses second.


There are 7 rounds in the NFL draft, with each round consisting of 32 picks. In each round, each
team is given an allotted amount of time for each of their picks. In the 1st round, teams have 10
minutes to pick their draft choice, 7 in the second, 5 in rounds three through six, and 4 minutes in the
last (the seventh) round. The NFL Commissioner will announce when each team is on the clock, for
their respect pick in each round.

Team functions in each round

On draft day, during each round of the NFL draft, each team is given a table near the draft
stage, where a few of the team’s representatives, from their organizations, sit (The draft
address is a preselected NFL stadium). The location at the draft, where each teams
representatives sit, is called “selection square.” While at the draft location, these team
representatives maintain constant contact with representatives, back in their respected city, at
the team’s stadium. On draft day, these team personnel, are in their home stadiums, in a room
that is called (on draft day) “the war room.” These specific team personnel, are the people
who decide which player is picked, in each of the seven rounds. The 1st day of draft (draft day)
is the last Thursday of every April. Once a team has decided a pick, back at “the war room,”
and it is transmitted to the team’s representatives at the draft, the team then notifies the NFL
representative that is standing behind them, who is called “A runner,” by writing the pick on a
piece of paper, and handing it to them. The runner then lifts the paper up, to notify the
commisioner, that a player selection has been made.


During each day of the draft (Before a player is chosen as a draft pick), each of the 32 NFL teams General Managers, are contacting each other, looking to make trades. These trades consist of them trading 1 (or some) of their current players, to another team, to increase their draft position in one of the seven rounds. The NFL Commissioner says this falls within the NFL conduct guidelines and is not unethical by league standards. Some of the trades that are made during the NFL draft are teams trading multiple late-round potential picks (Rounds 4 through 7 are considered late-round picks) for just 1 player who is predicted of high enough status to be taken in one of the first 3 rounds. Each team has until the given time on the clock for that particular selected pick, to make a trade with another team.

Potential Draft players

How does NFL draft work for potential draft players, well before the NFL draft, there is an NFL combine held, every year, from the last week of February, until the first week of March. This combine is to test each players speed, strength, agility, and durability. At this combine, each player has a chance, through this athletic showcase, to potentially increase their draft position.

Potential draft players on draft day

On draft day, a select number of players will be invited (by letter) to the draft location. Those
invited players, that choose to come to the draft location (Some with their wives, and family, some
with their friends and girlfriends), are sent to an area at the draft, known as the green room. Here
the players sit and anxiously await for their names to be called by the NFL Commissioner.
Those potential draft players that choose to watch the draft from the comfort of their own homes,
with friends and family, waits for a call from an NFL coach, General Manager (or other high-level
executives at the organization), telling them that their name is about to be called out by the NFL
Commissioner, and that that team is happy to welcome them to the organization.

Draft eligibility

In order for a football athlete to be eligible to be considered for the NFL draft, they have to have played in at least 1 NCAA (National College Athletic Association) or NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) game, but only the top college football players, at each of these associations, are considered for the NFL draft (and there is even a smaller number of them that are invited to first, perform at the NFL combine, and second, to be present at the draft televised event).
The NFL player personnel, looks over the top NCAA and NJCAA players (The top 3,000 eligible college football players, who have submitted their application to enter the next NFL draft), before the next NFL combine, and only invites the “best of the best” to take part in each, the NFL combine, as well as the NFL draft.

Supplemental Draft

The NFL does have a special draft that is held in July, after the April draft. This draft is called the “Supplemental draft.” The way that this draft works, is it is only applicable to eligible college football players, who have submitted their NFL draft applications after the April NFL draft has taken place.

2 Betting Apps You Should Already Be Using

post2 feat - 2 Betting Apps You Should Already Be Using

Online betting applications for smartphones have revolutionized the industry, taking it to the highest level that has been seen in years.

With this innovation, the sales of betting companies around the world have increased, and mobile applications are a good meeting point among people from all different countries and generate a lot of income.

The beauty of betting apps of course lies in the fact that it is just so convenient! Now you can place bets while watching the game from anywhere. Here we will tell you the best betting applications.

Bet365 App

post2 1 150x150 - 2 Betting Apps You Should Already Be Using
Bet365 is the number one gambling house and as it could not be otherwise, it has one of the most famous applications on the market.

In the application, we find an unparalleled service that helps productivity and is very convenient for gamblers. It is known worldwide for its quality, for offering major benefits and having the best odds.

BetFair App

post2 2 150x150 - 2 Betting Apps You Should Already Be Using
BetFair is another big house in the betting industry and its application has very positive reviews, always emphasizing in the daily promotions that the company delivers to the customers.

Despite not having an innovative design, it is still a comfortable app for everyday use, the matches look good and there are not many connection problems. It is, certainly, one of the people’s favorites.

Seeing the best and the worst of these applications, we can say that there are no better offers today. The market is constantly changing and sites like Bet365 have not come down from the top positions of the global betting industry.

Although there are several competitors following their steps at any time, none of them can fight the comforts and practically free services that these pages deliver to their customers.

3 NFL Players to Keep a Look on If You’re a Serious Bettor

post1 feat - 3 NFL Players to Keep a Look on If You're a Serious Bettor

If you have a little knowledge about the world of sports betting, then you should know about how much a player influences a match. There are many cases where a single player can determine the result of a game just by looking at the odds.

That’s why when you are betting, you should be aware of the enormous difference that a player can make. With so many talented players getting into the big leagues and teams of the NFL, is more important than ever to pay serious attention to the MVP players of each team, as well as the prominent new players that get a lot of recognition from coaches.

Here we’re going to give a closer look at what we think are great NFL players that can truly affect the odds, so you can take them into consideration the next time you are betting.

Nick Bosa

We start our list with a player from Ohio that can be a future addition to the Arizona Cardinals. Nick Bosa is an outstanding player that has shown a lot of potentials lately with his performance, showing a remarkable defense and formidable handling off the football that is the perfect addition for long passes.

However, Nick Bosa isn’t the only member of his family that practices football, since his brother Joey is also a great player that has been a sensation for the scouts, but recent reports are changing and now think that Nick could be even better than his brother.

Ed Oliver

post1 2 - 3 NFL Players to Keep a Look on If You're a Serious Bettor
With the Atlanta Falcons being on a streak of winnings, they have become the fan favorite for this season, and there’s a reason why. Ed Oliver is an outstanding player that has drawn a lot of attention since his debut 3 years ago for the Cougars, so much that he was considered by many fans as the MVP of the Cougars for a while.

Ed is a great runner that can leave behind any player from the opposing team on top of being great on landing passes, making it a great replacement for the Atlanta Falcons since they don’t quite have too many picks in their main team, making the Falcons a formidable team and a dangerous option if you aren’t betting for them to win.

Greedy Williams

post1 3 - 3 NFL Players to Keep a Look on If You're a Serious Bettor
With the Buffalo Bills in a need for a newer offensive prospect, Greedy is one of the best cornerbacks available in the zone. Greedy is incredible good with interceptions and has a considerable number of pass breakups, keeping in mind that this is only in his years with the Tigers.

While the Buffalo Bills have already a great cornerback, the inclusion of another one with the caliber of Greedy Williams can truly make their strategies better, not to mention that will add to the offensiveness that they are currently looking for as well as the versatility of Greedy, which can only mean a higher chance for victory.

Keeping an eye to the biggest players and the recent changes for a team is a fundamental practice if you want to win your bets, and with NFL isn’t different. So keep your eyes up with these players and their teams.

The Stat Sheet – Stats to Look at For Successful NFL Bets

post4 feat - The Stat Sheet – Stats to Look at For Successful NFL Bets

NFL teams are always prepping in order to do their best throughout the season from all of their players, to make them strive hard enough to become the champions of the season. But each of these teams has its special player, which is the perfect piece to achieve all the desired results and on which rests a lot of the team’s weight.

While betting on NFL is exciting, it should always be approached strategically. It is very important to keep an eye on stats and odds, and have a deeper understanding of dynamics in order to place informed bets. This can also increase your chances of winning, which is what you want to achieve, right?

Here we take a look at the stats of two great teams worth betting on in the future.

Kansas City Chiefs

post3 2 - The Stat Sheet – Stats to Look at For Successful NFL Bets
This team has great potential in the field, their offense is incredible and pretty much always manages to make a very good amount of points per game. They were a force to be reckoned with back when they had the running back Kareem Hunt, but they are still very good nonetheless.

They scored a goal average of 26 points, being a very high average compared to all teams. The young Patrick Mahomes is their current figure. Should keep an eye for the goal scores type of bets here.

New England Patriots

Considered one of the best teams in general, and all this is thanks to its star Tom Brady, which has made at least 35 passes per game since the 2006 season, a player of great skill and experience thanks to whom the New England Patriots are expected to have a great season once more.

Our experts analyzed and compiled a list of what– and who– to look for in further bettings, but overall it’s obvious that even though the teams are always in the search for a star to help them get ahead, sometimes they may not quite realize that the rookie player they have can help them a lot, same as with a veteran they think may not be as good as before, because in both cases their potentials have not been fully exploited.

These two teams are very incredible teams with great potential that can have a serious chance to win this season. We’d definitely put our money on any of these two teams!

List of NFL teams in alphabetical order

List of NFL teams in alphabetical order

NFL is the biggest sports league in American Football. It was founded in 1920 and was switched to playoff system in 1933. Four type of championship in NFL are NFL championship, Super Bowl championship, conference championship and division championship. There are a total of 32 teams competing in NFL in different divisions. Here are the list of NFL teams in alphabetical order and the division they are playing in.

1) Arizona Cardinals
This team is playing in NFC west division.
2) Atlanta Falcons
This team is playing in NFC south division.
3) Baltimore Ravens
This team is playing in AFC north division.
4) Buffalo Bills
This team is playing in AFC east division.
5) Carolina Panthers
This team is playing in NFC South division.
6) Chicago Bears
This team is playing in NFC North division.
7) Cincinnati Bengals
This team is playing in AFC North division.
8) Cleveland Browns
This team is playing in AFC North division.
9) Dallas Cowboys
This team is playing in NFC East division.
10) Denver Broncos
This team is playing in AFC West division.
11) Detroit Lions
This team is playing in NFC East division.
12) Green Bay Packers
This team is playing in NFC North division.
13) Houston Texans
This team is playing in AFC South division.
14) Indianapolis Colts
This team is playing in AFC South division.
15) Jacksonville Jaguars
This team is playing in AFC South division.
16) Kansas City Chiefs
This team is playing in AFC West division.
17) Miami Dolphins
This team is playing in AFC East division.
18) Minnesota vikings
This team is playing in NFC North division.
19) New England Patriots
This team is playing in AFC East division.
20) New Orleans Saints
This team is playing in NFC South division.
21) New York Giants
This team is playing in NFC East division.
22) New York Jets
This team is playing in AFC East division.
23) Oakland Raiders
This team is playing in AFC West division.
24) Philadelphia Eagles
This team is playing in NFC East division.
25) Pittsburgh Steelers
This team is playing in AFC North division.
26) San Diego Charges
This team is playing in AFC West division.
27) San Francisco 49ers
This team is playing in NFC West division.
28) Seattle Seahawks
This team is playing in NFC West division.
29) St. Louis Rams
This team is playing in NFC West division.
30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
This team is playing in NFC South division.
31) Tennessee Titans
This team is playing in AFC South division.
32) Washington Redskins
This team is playing in NFC East division.
New England Patriots are the current champions and the Green Bay Packers have won the most championship title with 9 NFL championship and 4 Super Bowl championship. This in turn puts them in top of this list of NFL teams in alphabetical order

What nfl team has the most wins on thanksgiving

What nfl team has the most wins on thanksgiving
What goes with turkey better than mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving? If you’re a sports fan, your answer is probably FOOTBALL. Who doesn’t like to sit and watch the big game while the turkey is cooking in the oven? We don’t know anyone that would pass up a chance to watch some of the biggest teams in the NFL play on a holiday where we also stuff our faces with yummy food.
Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand as an American tradition. Football has been played on thanksgiving for as long as the NFL has been around, since 1920. That’s a lot of games! With that many games the question begs, what NFL team has the most wins on Thanksgiving?
Not every team gets a chance to play on turkey day. The Dallas Cowboys started the tradition of playing on Thanksgiving day in 1966. They have only missed playing a game on Thanksgiving twice since then! The Detroit Lions have hosted a Thanksgiving day game since 1978. They hold the record for most games played on Thanksgiving but what who has won the most?
Obviously since Detroit and Dallas have played the most Thanksgiving day games, it stands to reason that these teams have the most wins in the NFL. The Detroit Lions actually hold the record for the most Thanksgiving day wins in the NFL with a record of 37-39-2. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t far behind with a record of 30-19-1. The Chicago Bears are another NFL team that plays a lot of turkey day games and their record is 17-15-2.
So, for those of you who love to watch a good game of football while the turkey is slowly roasting in the oven, you can expect to watch a game with the Dallas Cowboys or the Detroit Lions as the main hosts of a game. The question of “What NFL has the most wins on Thanksgiving?” is the Detroit Lions. When a team plays that many Thanksgiving day games, their chances of having a winning record are inevitable.

Which nfl team was named after a poem written by edgar allan poe?

The Baltimore Ravens - Which nfl team was named after a poem written by edgar allan poe?
Edgar Allan Poe was an american writer and literary critic od the 19th century. Has was born in Boston, Massachusets in 1809 and died in Baltimore in 1849. Poe is known for his poems and short stories, but poetry was more important for him. Sometimes you can find subtle poetic resources which he applied in his short stories (I’m not talking about rhyme).
In the short story, Poe transformed the short horror story with his psychological depth, which had never been used in the genre before. Some of his most famous stories are: “The Tell-Tale Heart, “The Cask of Amontillado”, and “The Masque of the Red Death”, He was a pioneer of science fiction and wrote several stories about new inventions. He wrote the first modern detective story with “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, where he introduced his concept of deducting reasoning, which inspired later authors like Sir Arthur Conen Doyle.
His poetry has been widely celebrated and his most famous poem is “The Raven”, which was published in 1845 and became a huge success. In “The Raven”, the speaker uses a raven as a symbol of his grief, caused by his loneliness due to the separation from his beloved Lenore.

The Baltimore Ravens

In 1084 the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis. In 1995 the “Cleveland Browns” decided to move to Baltimore, Maryland. In 1996 The NFL approved this change of location of the franchise. After this they changed the name of their team to “Baltimore Ravens”, They chose this bird from a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe, who lived during the early part of his carrer in Baltimore and died there. The name of the team’s mascot is Poe.
The name “Ravens” was chosen by the Baltimore fans in a contest. The citizens had many things to consider for the name of the team, but they prefered Poe’s famous poem: “The Raven”. The “Baltimore Sun” is the newspaper conducted the telephone poll in which it asked the fans to vote for their team’s name. More than 33,000 people voted and over 21,000 selected the winner.
In the beginning there were three ravens as mascots: Edgar, Allan, and Poe. However, Poe is the only mascot of the three that is still working with the Ravens.
The Baltimore Ravens has turned out to be a great team in its short and recent history. It has already won two Super Bowls, in 2001 against the Giants and in 2013 against the 49ers.