What nfl team has the most wins on thanksgiving
What goes with turkey better than mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving? If you’re a sports fan, your answer is probably FOOTBALL. Who doesn’t like to sit and watch the big game while the turkey is cooking in the oven? We don’t know anyone that would pass up a chance to watch some of the biggest teams in the NFL play on a holiday where we also stuff our faces with yummy food.
Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand as an American tradition. Football has been played on thanksgiving for as long as the NFL has been around, since 1920. That’s a lot of games! With that many games the question begs, what NFL team has the most wins on Thanksgiving?
Not every team gets a chance to play on turkey day. The Dallas Cowboys started the tradition of playing on Thanksgiving day in 1966. They have only missed playing a game on Thanksgiving twice since then! The Detroit Lions have hosted a Thanksgiving day game since 1978. They hold the record for most games played on Thanksgiving but what who has won the most?
Obviously since Detroit and Dallas have played the most Thanksgiving day games, it stands to reason that these teams have the most wins in the NFL. The Detroit Lions actually hold the record for the most Thanksgiving day wins in the NFL with a record of 37-39-2. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t far behind with a record of 30-19-1. The Chicago Bears are another NFL team that plays a lot of turkey day games and their record is 17-15-2.
So, for those of you who love to watch a good game of football while the turkey is slowly roasting in the oven, you can expect to watch a game with the Dallas Cowboys or the Detroit Lions as the main hosts of a game. The question of “What NFL has the most wins on Thanksgiving?” is the Detroit Lions. When a team plays that many Thanksgiving day games, their chances of having a winning record are inevitable.
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