Most points scored in a NFL game

It is a day that no true NFL fan will forget – November 27th, 1966 (The day an NFL team scored over 40 points, and still lost by over 30). It was a cold 42 degree November day, in Washington DC, in a packed D.C. stadium, the hometown fans were ready to cheer for their beloved Redskins – Little did they know that they would be witnessing history, on that cold Fall day. The Redskins entered the game with a record of 5-6, while their opponent’s, the beloved New York Giants, was suffering one of their worst records ever, with an entering record of 1-8-1.

First Quarter

The opening quarter was a slow preview of what the New York football Giants were to witness that entire day – Dominance! The Washington Redskins opened the game with a touchdown pass to number 25, A.D. Whitfield, who would go on to score 3 touchdowns that day. The Redskins put up 13 points this quarter, while leaving the New York Giants, with a bubble, at zero.

Second Quarter

The second quarter was a little bit more friendly to The Giants on their end of the scoring but was even worse for them watching The Redskins. The New York Giants put up 14 points in the second quarter while giving up a few more touchdowns to The Redskins, who put up another 21 points against The Giants.

Half Time

At the half, the scoreboard showed, what today would be viewed as the likes of an NFL final score with The Redskins 34 points, and The Giants 14. Not completely satisfied with the outcome in the first half, The Redskins would go on to do “a whole lot more damage” to the New York football Giants.

Third Quarter

The second half started pretty much how the first half left off, “with The Redskins putting up points,” but to The Giants credit, this was their best quarter, as they were able to hold The Redskins to 14 points, while putting up 14 of their own. At the end of the third quarter, The Redskins sat at a score of 48, while looking at The Giants scoreboard of 28 points.

Fourth Quarter

This final quarter had The Redskins showing no mercy. While the New York Giants put up another 13 points, The Redskins went on to have their best quarter of the game, with 24 points. Looking up at the final scoreboard, Redskins fans witnessed a scoreboard of 72 – 41, next to a message that read “most points ever scored in any regular NFL game.” Into the NFL record books, and “Genius Book Of World Records,” with a total score of 113 points – The most points scored in a NFL game.

The Stats of November 27th, 1966: Washinghton Redskins vs. New York Giants

The Redskins dominated on first downs, with 24, compared to The Giants 16. “Surprisingly,” The Giants had more total yards than The Redskins, with 389 total yards, compared to The Redskins 341. The Redskins dominated “in every” category of the game, scoring on offense, defense, and special teams, with a kick return touchdown. This was truly a spectacular game to witness.

Previous Record

The previous record, for the most points scored in a NFL game, was from 1963. The “record- breaking game that year was from a game between The Houston Oilers (Today, The Tennesse Titans) and The Oakland Raiders. In that game, The Raiders put up 53 points, compared to The Oilers 49. Just as on November 27th, 1966, on that December 22nd, 1963, fans were shocked by the final score.

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